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June 23, 2014

Greetings my Friends, Welcome to my website

My name is Darylee Foertsch. Most of you probably know me as Hawkeye. I have been making leather articles since the late 70's. With my love of muzzle loading, trapshooting, and the shooting sports in general, I required various articles to go with these sports.  I started looking for items for sale manufactured by others. They were usually too expensive, or not the correct pattern to suit me. Well, I ended up putting my skills in leather craft to good use.

The goods I have listed are examples. These are the items I can make with a timely delivery date. They are by no means the only items I can manufacture, or the only articles that can be ordered. If you don't see it, ask me. I make modern and historic items
I also carry items which I use and have had a difficult time in finding. These are items such as canvas needles and canvas repair necessities. My search for the perfect cleaner for my competitive shooting has lead me to discover the benefits of Ballistol. I believe in it so strongly, I became a Retail Ballistol Dealer. If it's wood, metal or leather, try Ballistol. Ballistol does it all.

Custom Leather, Wood and Canvas items, Affordably
I'm in Ohio, quite close to Flint Ridge. After a good rain, a casual walk through a plowed farm field usually yields many flint treasures. These treasures are Muddy, and simple, but still useable. My products are like the found flint. They are basic and usually unadorned. Items made of leather include just about anything that can be sketched. Prices on all items subject to change with leather prices.

The leather goods I produce, I guarantee they will not come apart due to manufacturing processes. If a stitch comes out, I'll re-sew it, or if something more drastic is wrong I will replace the offending section. All my leatherwork is guaranteed as long as YOU think it should be. Warranty is limited to workmanship on wood items. Care must be taken to protect the wood from too much moisture. This is why these items are not available unfinished.
See Store Policy and Warranty Page. Other items are warranted through the manufacturers.

Custom Leather, Wood and Canvas work is my specialty. 
Have me make something special for you. With not only the environment, but your safety in mind, I choose not to use chrome-tanned leathers unless my customer specifies it's use in purses or cell phone cases and such. However, I will use these leathers at the customer's request on items as long as the leather will not touch the skin. This is the reason the vast majority of my items are made with Oak tanned and other vegetable tanned leathers. Most modern deer, elk and other soft tanned hides are chrome tanned. The Latigo leather and oiled leathers I use begin as vegetable tanned hides, not chrome tanned.

Welcome, take your time touring the website. Please feel free to email me with any If you have a comment, correction, or suggestion on the site itself, please

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